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Gohan`s age


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In this page, you`ll find out about Gohan`s age

1.Defeated Garlic Jr.- At age four
2.Trained under Piccolo-At age five
3.Fought against the evil saiyans-At age six
4.Defeated Garlic Jr. again-At age seven
5.Fought against the cyborg Freiza-At age eight
6.Fought against the androids-At age nine
7.Trained in the spirit room time chember-At age 10
8.Defeated Cell-At age 11
9.Season 5-After seven years since Cell died
10.Went to Orange Star High-At age 18
11.Went to Kaoshin`s(the supreme Kai)planet-At age 19
12.Fought Manjin Buu again-At age 20
13.Married Videl Satan-At age 21
14.Became a scholar-At age 22
15.Had a daughter named Pan-At age 26
16.DBGT started-After Manjin Buu was defeated
17.Beggining of DBGT-At age 30
18.Became a scientist-At age 34
19.The end of DBGT-At age 36