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Gohan`s Influences


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In this section, you`ll find out about the people who were
influenced in Gohan`s life


Son Goku-Son Gohan`s Dad.

Son Goku is the reason why Son Gohan is pure of heart, and
the strongest in the universe. He always used to help his son by giving him advice, so he`ll be able to release his
tremendous, and incredible power, just like the time when
he gave him advice in the Cell saga during the time when he
realeased the biggest Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha ever


Son ChiChi-Son Gohan`s mom

Son ChiChi is the reason why Son Gohan is well behaved, and
intelligent. She`s also the reason why Gohan is a scholar
and a very famous scientist.


Piccolo-Son Gohan`s friend(Son Gohan`s mentor)

I think that Piccolo is the most important, and the biggest
influence in Son Gohan`s life because he helped Son Gohan
in many ways. He trained him to be a well behaved kid, strong, and how to be independed.


Son Videl/Videl Satan-Son Gohan`s wife(and highschool girlfriend)

When Videl Satan found out that Son Gohan was The Great Saiyaman, she forcd him to teach her how to fly, and to compete in the Martial Arts Tournament, or she`ll blow his
secret identity. Later, Videl joined with him and became
The Great Saiyaman 2. She tought Gohan how to get along with people, and how to let other people be a part of his life.