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Gohan`s Family


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In this page you`ll find out info about gohan`s wonderful


Name-Son Goku (Gohan`s dad)
Wife-Son ChiChi
Sons-Son Gohan&Son Goten
Grandpa(adopted)-Son Gohan
Father in Law-Ox King
Daughter in Law-Son Videl/Videl Satan
Grand daughter-Son Pan

Son Goku is the main character in the whole entire show of
DB, DBZ, and, DBGT. Son Goku is a saiyan. He was created to
destroy the planet Earth, and every living things in it! In
his mission, he fell down, and forgot who he was, and why he was created. A man named Son Gohan(Goku`s adopted grandpa),
took care of him. When he grew up, Son Gohan trained him,
and tought him Martial Arts. One day, when Son Goku looked at a full moon, he turned into an Ozaru(a huge monkey), and
killed his grandpa because he didn`t have any sense. From that on, Son Gohan told him not to look at the full moon again, and gave him a 4 star Dragonball to remember him. After 5 or 7 years, when Son Goku was walking, suddenly, a car came towards him, and hit him. The driver of that car was a teenage girl who`s name was Bulma. Soon Bulma, and Goku became good friends. During his adventure, Son Goku met
another girl named ChiChi, and promised her that when he`ll grow up, he`ll marry her not knowing what the word marry means. At a very early age, he also competed at the Martial
Arts Tournament, where he was in 2nd place. Then when Son
Goku became a teenager, he again competed at the Martial Arts Tournament. He also met ChiChi again. She only competed
at the Martial Arts Tournament to confront Goku so she can marry him. When ChiChi reminded him about his promise, he
had to marry her, eventhough he fears her when she is angry.
Later when Goku`s older brother Radditz showed up, he told
Goku who he was and why he was created, and to join evil
forces with him. But Goku didn`t want to, so he had to fight with Radditz. After when Radditz was defeated, the Earth was safe once again. Now Goku is the hero, and the protector of the planet Earth. He defeated villains like frieza, Vegeta, and etc.


Name-Son ChiChi(Gohan`s mom)
Father-Ox King
Husband-Son Goku
Sons-Son Gohan&Son Goten
Father in law-Badrock
Brother in Law-Radditz
Daughter in Law-Son Videl/Videl satan
Grand Daughter-Son Pan

Son ChiChi is the daughter of Ox King, known as the master
of the Martial Arts. Son Goku met her at age 12. Son ChiChi
is a loyal wife of Son Goku, and Son Gohan`s protective mother. She`s the only person in the universe who Son Goku fears. Son ChiChi always pressures Son Gohan to study. Her
dream is to see her son being a scholar, but Goku wants his
son to be a great fighter. That`s the reason why she never lets her son hang out with her husband`s friends. Son ChiChi
is always there for her family`s aid when they`re hurt or sick. At a very early age, Son ChiChi was trained by her father. When she was a teenager, she competed at the Martial Arts Tournament to confront Son Goku, so she can marry him. ChiChi is a really great fighter(for a human). She`s the reason why her youngest son Son Goten turned into a Super Saiyan because she trained him to be strong. After when Son ChiChi married Son Goku, she gave up
fighting. She`s the toughest woman in the universe. Son ChiChi is also one of the strongest woman on Earth, eventhough she`s a human


Name-Son Videl/Videl Satan(Gohan`s wife)
Husband-Son Gohan
Daughter-Son Pan
Father in Law-Son Goku
Mother in Law-Son ChiChi
Brother in Law-Son Goten

Son Gohan first met Videl in Orange Star Highschool. She`s
the wife of Son Gohan, and was his Highschool sweatheart. Videl is also the daughter of Hercule who took all the credit for defeating Cell.She was the first one to discover that Son Gohan was The Great Saiyaman, and that he`s the Golden Warrior. She also found out that Son Gohan was the one who defeated Cell. After when she discovered his secret, she made a deal with him, if he will teach her how to fly, and competes at the Martial Arts Tournament, then she`ll not
blow his secret identity. The first day when she came to Son Gohan`s house, none of the members in his family liked her,
including Son Gohan. But After 10 days of her flying lesson,
Son Gohan started to like her, and they became friends. At
the Martial Arts Tournament, I think that they actully became like girl friend, and boy friend, but Gohan didn`t
think that, maybe because he just didn`t realize it. Anyway,
now back to the story, after the Buu saga, Videl joined Son Gohan, and became The Great Saiyaman 2. Then after 3 or 5
years later, he married her, and they both had a daughter named Pan


Name-Son Goten(Gohan`s brother)
Race-1/2 Saiyan,1/2 Human
Father-Son Goku
Mother-Son ChiChi
Brother-Son Gohan
Grandpa-Ox King(mom`s side)
Grandpa-Badrock(dad`s side)
Sister in Law-Son Videl/Videl Satan
Niece-Son Pan
Great Grandpa-Son Gohan(adopted)

Son Goten is Son Gohan`s younger brother. He is really strong. Son Goten was the youngest one to turn into a Super Saiyan.He`s too just like his dad, pure of heart, and likes nature. Infact, he even looks like Son Goku. Son Goten acts
like an immature most of the time. Unlike his brother, he`s
not that intelligent, probably because ChiChi doesn`t pressure him to study that much, like she did to Gohan. Son
Goten`s Best friend is Trunks. Its really weird that Son Goten has a girlfriend, but Trunks doesn`t, because a lot of girls that I know likes Trunks a lot, especially his hair.
Anyway, now back to the story, Son Goten can also do the fusion dance to fuse with Trunks, so they can turn into Gotenks.


Name-Son Pan(Gohan`s daughter)
Race-1/4 Saiyan,3/4 Human
Father-Son Gohan
Mother-Son Videl
Grandpa-Son Goku(from dad`s side)
Grandpa-Mr.Satan/Hercule(from mom`s side)
Grandma-Son ChiChi(from dad`s side)
Uncle-Son Goten
Great grandpa-Badrock(from grandpa`s side)
Great grandpa-Ox King(from grandma`s side)
Grand son-Goku Jr.

Son Pan is the only child of Son Gohan, and Son Videl. She`s
her grandpa`s little girl. Son Pan is the strongest female
fighter in the universe. Unlike her father, she just loves
to fight. She`s one quarter of saiyan. Son Pan doesn`t like
to be treated like a little girl. She always wants to act mature. At age 4, when Son Pan competed at the Martial Arts Tournament, she even defeated her 17 years old uncle Son Goten. At the end of DBGT, she was the only character that was left from DBZ, and was 114 years old!