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Saiyan Levels


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Here you`ll find out about the Saiyan Levels

Regular Saiyan

This is the level where most saiyans have brown or black hair. They also have a tail at this level which can help them turning into an Ozaroo(a huge monkey), by just looking at a full moon. This level is also known as
the first step of the Saiyan Levels. It doesn`t matter if the Saiyan is 1/2 Saiyan, and 1/2 Human or Pure Saiyan because they still will born with a tail

Super Saiyan Level 1

A lot of people say that Son Goku was the one who first reached this level. But actully, that`s not true because Brolli was the one who reached this level first. When the Saiyans turns into this level, they have golden hair, and eyebrows. Their Eyes becomes green too. This level is also very powerful comparing to the Regular Ozaroo. It takes a lot of training to reach this level because your power becomes 10 times more stronger in speed, and in other abilities

Ultra Super Saiyan

In this form, its really hard to move fast. It also makes a Saiyan bulky. A Saiyan also have the same looks as the Super Saiyan Level 1, Golden hair, and eyebrows, and green eyes too. Goku was the first one to realize that this level has a very bad weakness. But Tunks didn`t realize it when he was acting kind of different

Super Saiyan Level 2

This level was first reached by Son Gohan during the Cell Saga. This level is extremely very powerful. Eventhough, its
only one level beyond Super Saiyan Level 1, its much more powerful. It takes a lot of training to reach this level. You look almost the same as Super Saiyan Level 1, and Ultra Super Saiyan. The same eyes, eyebrows, and the same hair color.

Super Saiyan Level 3

This level is the most powerful Super Saiyan Level out of `em all. But it wastes a lot of energy in just few minutes.
That`s why a Saiyan must not use it very wisely. This level was first reached by Son Goku. It was first shown at the Manjin Buu Saga. It also looks like the Super Saiyan level 1, Ultra Super Saiyan, and the Super Saiyan Level 2. The same eyes, eyebrows, and the same hair color

Super Saiyan Level 4

This Level was also first reached by Son Goku. This form is very powerful. It makes your speed, and other abilities 100 times more stronger than the other levels. This is the only level that doesn`t look like a Super Saiyan. It looks more like an Ozaroo. When a Saiyan reaches this level, he/she has red fur, black hair, and black eyes. This level also enables a Saiyan to abosorb energy if he/she wants to. The only Saiyans that reached this level are Vegeta, and Goku. Although Vegeta used his wife`s invention, or machine to reach this level


A Saiyan can only turn into an Ozaroo if he/she has a tail. It doesn`t matter if he/she is a 1/ Saiyan, and 1/2 Human or
Pure Saiyan. But you must look at the full moon to turn into a Regular Ozaroo. There are 2 kinds of Ozaroos. Regular Ozaroo, and Golden Ozaroo. Golden Ozaroo is much more powerful than the other one. It is almost as powerful as Super Saiyan Level 3. A Saiyan have to look at a whole entire planet to reach this level. When a Saiyan will turn into a Golden Ozaroo, he/she will have orange fur. It looks exactly like a Regular Ozaroo, except that Golden Ozaroo is Orange, and Regular Ozaroo has brown fur


This level is formed when two Saiyans does the fusion dance together at the same time or when they use the portanna earrings to fuse with each other. There are 3 different types of fusion that were shown in the show. They are Gogeta
(Goku+Vegeta), Vegetto(Vegeta+Goku), and Gotenks(Tunks+Goten). The strongest of them all is Gogeta