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Gohan`s Biography


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On this page, you`ll find out some info about Gohan life.
I included 4 different types of Gohan over here


Baby Son Gohan

Son Gohan was first shown in this age on DBZ. He was 4-5
years old. At this age, Son Gohan first revealed his power during the first Garlic Jr. saga. He also revealed his mystic power in this age during the Radditz saga when he saw his uncle Radditz hurting his dad Son Goku. When Piccolo saw what Son Gohan was capable of, he decided to train him so he`ll be able to unleash his incredible, and tremendous potential with in him. First Piccolo took him to a mountain
in middle of nowhere. During that training time, Son Gohan learned how to use his great power, and how to be independed
because when the animals chased him, he were able to use his mystic power. Soon, after one year, Son Gohan became a really great fighter after training under Piccolo.


Chibi Gohan

In this age, Son Gohan was 7-11 years old. At this time period, he defeated Garlic Jr., Cell Jr., and Cell. In this
age, he also unleashed his unbeliveble, and tremendous power
during the Cell Saga where he was the youngest, and the first one to become, or reach Super Saiyan Level 2. He also
turned into a Super Saiyan at this age in the Time Spirit Room, and was the youngest one to turn into one back then


Teen Gohan

In this age, Son Gohan was 16-18 years old, and was first introduced in DBZ after 7 years since Cell died. I think that ChiChi was really happy at this period because her son finally was able to study. Son Gohan used to go into a Highschool known as Orange Star High in Satan City, where he
first met his future wife Videl Satan. In first day of his school, a lot of girls had a crush on Gohan like his classmate Erasa, Angela, and even Videl! He also met some other students like Sharpener, etc. At this age he was also a superhero known as The Great Saiyaman, but his secret identity wasn`t a secret for to long. First it was Angela who blackmailed him, and then Videl, but Angela actully didn`t know the real secret. When Son Gohan entered the Martial Arts Tournament, the trouble began. A new threat was
shown in DBZ after all those years. He met the Supreme Kai,
and was trained under him after when he was beaten by the evil villain named Buu. He was also murdered by Buu once when he absorbed Son Gohan. After when Buu was defeated, he married Videl Satan, and had daughter named Son Pan


Mirai/Future/Adult Gohan

At this age, Son Gohan was only shown for few minutes. It wasn`t really shown how old he was during this age in DBZ.
He was also first introduced as an adult at this age. His
best friend was future Trunks who`s stronger than the present Trunks. Son Gohan was also again murdered by the eveil androids known as 17, and 18. He sacrificed his life for the future Trunks, and gave him his Z sword

More info about Son Gohan`s life is coming soon.