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Episode Summaries


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On this page, you`ll find out about the Episodes of DBZ. You`ll also find out specific Sagas for each episode

Saiyan Saga

1.The Arrival Of Radditz
2.The World`s Strongest Team
3.Gohan`s Hidden Power
4.Goku`s Unusual Journey
5.Gohan`s Metamorphosis.
6.Gohan Makes A Friend
7.Trouble On Arlia
8.Home For Infinite Loosers
9.Princess Snake`s Hospilatility
10.Escape From Piccolo
11.Show Down In The Past
12.The End Of Snake Way
13.A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles
14.The Legend Of The Saiyans
15.Black Day For The Planet Earth
16.The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You?
17.The Saibamen Strike
18.Nappa... The Invincible
19.Tien Goes All Out!
20.Times Up!!
21.The Return Of Goku
22.Goku Strikes Back
23.Goku vs. Vegeta... a Saiyan Duel
24.Vegeta Saiyan Style!
25.Stop Vegeta Now!!
26.Battle`s End

Namek Saga

27.A New Goal... Namek!
28.A Journey To Namek
29.Friends Or Foe?!
30.Hunt For The Dragonballs
31.Who`s Who
32.Touchdown on Namek
33.Face Off Namek
24.The Ruthless Frieza
35.The Namek Versus Frieza
36.Escape From Dodoria
37.Secrets Revealing
38.A Collision Course
39.Stay Away From Frieza
40.Zarbon Transformed
41.The Eldest Namek
42.Get Vegeta!
43.Vegeta Revived
44.A Heavy Burden
45.Immortality Denied
46.Big Trouble For Bulma
47.Scramble For The Dragonballs
48.Arrival For The Ginyu Force
49.Elite Fighters Of The Universe... The Ginyu Force
50.Time Tricks And Body Bind
51.No Refuge From Recoome
52.Enter Goku
53.Goku... Super Saiyan?

Ginyu Force Saga

54.Ginyu Assault
55.Incredible Force
56.Frieza Approaches
57.Goku Is Ginyu And Ginyu Is Goku
58.Calling The Eternal Dragon
59.Gohan Defeat Your Dad!!
60.Captain Ginyu... The Frog

Frieza Saga

61.Password Is Porunga
62.Piccolo`s Return
63.The Fusion
64.Fighting Power One Million??
65.Gohan Attack
66.Deija yu
67.Frieza`s Second Transformatin
68.Another Transformation
69.Dende`s Demise
70.The Renewed Goku
71.The End Of Vegeta
72.The Ultimate Battle
73.Clash Of The Super Power
74.Frieza`s Boast
75.Bold And Fearless
76.Embodiment Of Fire
77.Trump Card
78.Keep The Chances Alive
79.Power Of The Spirit
80.Transformed Atlast
81.Expilosion Of Anger
82.Namek`s Destruction
83.A Final Attack
84.Approaching Destruction
85.Gohan`s Return
86.The Last Wish
87.Dual On A Vanishing Planet
88.Pathos Of Frieza
89.Frieza Defeated!!
90.Mighty Blast Of Rage
91.Namek`s Explosion... Goku`s End?
92.Goku`s Alive!!

Garlic Jr. Saga

93.The Heaven`s Tremble
94.Black Fog Of Terror
95.Battle Kami`s Place Lookout
96.Fight With Piccolo
97.Call For Restoration
98.Sucidal Course
99.Exterme Measures
100.The World Awakens
101.Brief Chance For Victory
102.Krillin`s Proposal

Trunks Saga

103.Frieza`s Counter Attack
104.The Misterious Youth
105.Another Super Saiyan
106.Welcome Back Goku
107.Mystery Revealed
108.Goku`s Special Technique
109.Z Warriors Prepared
110.Goku`s Ordeal

Android Saga

111.The Androids Appear
112.A Handy Trick
113.Double Trouble For Goku
114.Upgrade To Super Saiyan
115.The Secret Of Dr. Gero
116.More Androids?!
117.Follow Dr. Gero
118.Nightmare Comes True
119.Goku`s Assassin
120.Deadly Beauty
121.No Match For The Androids
122.Lost Ditch Effort
123.Closing In
124.Unwelcomed Discovery

Imperfect Cell Saga

125.Seized With Fear
126.The Reunion
127.Borrowed Powers
128.His Name Is Cell
129.Piccolo`s Folly
130.Laboratory Basement
131.Our Hero Awakens
132.Time Chamber
133.The Monster Is Coming Coming
134.He`s Here
135.Up To Piccolo
136.Silent Warriors
137.Say Goodbye #17
139.Saiyans Emerge
140.Super Vegeta
141.Bow To The Prince
142.Hour Of Temptation
143.Krillin`s Decision
144.Last Defense
145.Cell Is Complete
146.Vegeta Must Pay
147.Trunks Ascends
148.Saving Throw
149.Ghosts From Tommorow

The Cell Games Saga

150.The Cell Games
151.What Is The Tournament?
152.The Droomsday Broadcast.
153.Meet Me In The Ring
154.No Worries Here
155.A Girl Named Lime
156.Memories Of Gohan
157.A New Guardian
158.Dende`s Dragon
159.The Of General Tao
160.The Gmes Begin
161.Losers Fight First
162.Goku vs. Cell
163.Cell`s Bag Of Tricks
164.No More Rules
165.The Fight Is Over.
166.Faith In A Boy
167.Gohan`s Desperate Plea
168.Android Explosion
169.Children Of Cell Attack
170.The Unleashing
171.The Unstoppable Gohan
172.Cell`s Mighty Break Down
173.A Hero`s Farewell
174.Cell Returns
175.The Horror Won`t End
176.Save The World
177.Goku`s Noble Decision
178.One Moe Wish
179.Free The Future

The Great Saiyaman Saga

180.Warriors Of The Dead
181.Tournament Begins
182.Water Fight
183.Final Round
184.Goku vs. Pikkon
185.Gohan Goes To Highschool.
186.I am Saiyaman
187.Gohan`s First Date
188.Rescue Videl
190.I`ll Fight Too
191.The Newest Super Saiyan
192.Take Flight Videl
193.Gather For The Tournament
194.Camera Shy

World Tournament Saga

195.The World Tournament
196.Trunks vs. Goten
197.Best Of The Boys
198.Big Trouble, Little Trunks
199.Who Will Fight Who?
200.Forfeit Of Piccolo
201.A Dark And Secret Power
202.Videl Is Crushed
203.Identities Revealed
204.Energy Drain

Babidi Saga

205.The Wizard`s Curse
206.King Of The Demons
207.Vegeta Attacks
208.Next Up, Goku
209.Battle Supreme
210.Eighteen Unmasks
211.Pay To Win
212.Heart Of Villain
213.The Dark Prince Returns
214.Vegeta`s Pride
215.The Long-Awaited Fight
216.Magic Ball Of Buu

Buu Saga

217.Buu Is Hatched
218.The Losses Begin
219.The Terror Of Mr. Buu
220.Meal Time
221.The Warrior`s Decision
222.Final Atonement
223.Evil Lives On
224.Find The Dragonballs
226.Global Anouncement
227.Learn To Fuse
228.The Z Sword