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About Me


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Hi everyone! As you all already know, my name is Khadiza Haque. I`m in 6th Grade. I`m 12 years old, and I go to Pennwood Middle School, which is located in Pennsbury, Pennsylvania. There are 4 members in my family including myself. I have a little sister, who`s 4 years old.My favorite color is blue, red, and purple. I like to watch DBZ a lot.
My favorite character is Son Gohan. I admire myself, my parents, and Thomas Edison a lot. I like to eat, study, do
my homework, workin` on the computer, and hang out my friends. I have 5 best friends, but I`m not gonna mention their names. My dream is to be a scientist someday. I`m very
quiet, cooperative, smart, intelligent, and polite.